Go Red For Women Takes A Stand Against Heart Disease

In addition to his responsibilities as vice president of purchasing at Hutchings Automotive Products, SA, LLP, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Wesley Hutchings is devoted to his family and his community. A supporter of the American Heart Association, Wesley Hutchings helps this charitable organization continue its fight against heart disease through programs such as Go Red For Women.

With the number of women dying from cardiovascular disease totaling over 500,000 per year, the American Heart Association established the Go Red For Women program in 2004. Typically considered a “man’s disease,” heart disease is the number-one killer of women in the US. Go Red For Women not only raises awareness but also encourages women everywhere to take charge of their heart health by exercising, eating healthy, and getting regular checkups of their blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby reducing the number of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths.

With other organizations focused on women’s health, the red dress was chosen as the national symbol for the Go Red For Women initiative. The money donated by supporters like Wes Hutchings goes toward research in women’s heart health, educational tools for healthcare providers to use with their female patients, and community programs such as the Go Red Heart Checkup, which has drawn more than 2 million women in discovering their risk for heart disease.


Attractions along the Amalfi Coast

Wesley HutchingsVice president of purchasing with Hutchings Automotive Products, Wesley Hutchings enjoys the time he spends with his three cherished children, Alexis, Bryce, and Chloe. In September of 2010, after a lovely wedding ceremony against the backdrop of the famous Vanderbilt Mansion on Florida’s Fisher Island, Wesley and Rachel Hutchings flew away for a dream honeymoon that took them from Paris to the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast stretches along the Sorrentine Peninsula with brilliantly white villas and lemon groves perched along cliffs that lead down to the sea. The coastline features some of Europe’s most picturesque towns, including Almalfi, Ravello, and Positano. Once a leader in maritime commerce, the region began to attract tourists in the early 20th century with its isolated charms. In the 21st century, visitors consider the Amalfi Coast one of Italy’s top destinations.

Many prefer to visit the coast during its less congested and more affordable spring and autumn seasons. However, the summer season also offers activities that draw tourists and residents. The Ravello Festival takes place between June and September, during which time the center of town transforms into a stage offering chamber music, ballet, and orchestral performances.

Top Sites to Visit in France

Wesley Hutchings in FranceWesley Hutchings has served as vice president of purchasing for Hutchings Automotive Products, SA, LLP, since 1985. During his time off, Wes Hutchings enjoys traveling and has visited numerous countries in South America, Asia, and Europe, including France.

France is one of the top vacation destinations in the world with more than 80 million tourists each year. As one of the oldest countries, France offers a rich history as well as a great deal of culture, museums, gorgeous scenery and architecture, and delicious cuisine. Many sites attract thousands of visitors each year.

1. Mont Saint-Michel: A truly unique monastery in the north of France, Mont Saint-Michel is at times an island and at other times part of the mainland, depending on the tides. Filled with turrets and towers, the monastery takes visitors back to the Middle Ages.

2. Pont du Gard: In the south of France lies the Pont du Gard, an aqueduct and an amazing feat of engineering. The bridge is epic in scope and built with hand-carved blocks.

3. Eiffel Tower: Of course, the classic Eiffel Tower is a must-see. The iconic structure defines the Paris skyline and offers a bird’s eye view of the entire city.

Southern Italy’s Scenic Amalfi Coast

Wesley Hutchings in ItalyWesley Hutchings is a longtime corporate executive in the automotive products sector. A resident of Florida, Wes Hutchings married his wife, Rachel, in 2010 at a ceremony on exclusive Fisher Island. Wesley Hutchings and his wife subsequently embarked on a two-week honeymoon in Paris, France, and Italy’s Almafi Coast.

A 50-kilometer stretch of shoreline on Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, Almafi Coast is a picturesque region that features steeply terraced terrain planted extensively with lemon groves, as well as tourist destinations such as the medieval town Ravello.

The Almafi Coast’s most luxurious destination is the resort town Positano, which features a multitude of traditional pastel-colored homes situated with a panoramic view of the sea. Perfect for pedestrians, the hilly town is connected by winding stairways and anchored by the parish church Santa Maria Assunta. With Positano offering visitors a number of high-end boutiques to choose from, the town is well known for its bespoke shoemakers. Befitting a region known for its lemon growers, the most popular drink is limoncello. Visitors also enjoy Positano’s exceptional seafood and the area’s numerous beaches.