American Heart Association’s Advice for Caregivers

Author Wesley HutchingsWesley Hutchings, an executive in the automotive parts industry, recognizes the role nonprofits play in combating disease. The vice president of purchasing for Hutchings Automotive Products, SA LLP, Wesley Hutchings regularly donates to organizations such as the American Heart Association. Wes Hutchings is aware of the organization’s major contributions to the fight against heart disease.

The American Heart Association emphasizes not only good cardiac health for patients, but also the importance of physical and mental health of caregivers. It is essential for caregivers to look after their own health in order to provide the best care for those with heart problems.

Caregivers should engage in routine physical activity and aim for at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Doing so relieves stress and lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. As a complement to exertion, caregivers should eat heart-healthy foods.

Caregivers also need to regularly engage in activities they enjoy, such as reading or listening to music. Finding a humorous movie or TV show is also beneficial, as laughter refreshes the body in many ways. It is also critical for caregivers to think positively. Every day, they should own up to their own limitations and strive not to hold on to guilt or anger. Instead, they should congratulate themselves on the job they do every day for their loved one.


American Heart Association Sponsors Two Annual Events at Schools

Wesley Hutchings AHADevoted to fighting cardiovascular disease, the American Heart Association (AHA) was founded in 1924. It is the nation’s oldest organization run by volunteers, of which the AHA currently has more than 22.5 million. The agency funds research, fights for public health policies, and provides lifesaving knowledge and tools to those in need. One volunteer who assists with the AHA’s mission is Wesley “Wes” Hutchings, vice president of purchasing at S&H Fabricating & Engineering and Hutchings Automotive Products. A dedicated family man, Wesley Hutchings actively supports numerous charities, including the AHA and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Every year the AHA works in conjunction with schools to promote heart health through its Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart programs. Begun almost 35 years ago, these programs help fund additional research into children’s heart disease while simultaneously getting children to participate in jump rope or free throw shooting events held at schools. The students involved in these programs learn how to best take care of their hearts and honor those in the community who have endured heart disease or stroke. Since their inception, these two events have raised more than $885 million for educational and research programs.